How to scan for antenna channels on your GoogleTV

Before you start your channel scan, make sure the external antenna device is firmly connected to the coaxial port (or the port labelled CABLE/ANT) located at the back of the TCL TV.  To initiate a channel scan, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Using the TCL GoogleTV remote, navigate Settings >  Channel & Input > Channels > Channel Scan
  • The Channel scan settings options will be displayed as shown below. Select your country from the option list.  

Note: Later on, if you need to switch countries, it will prompt you to enter a password, use the default password: 1234

  • Proceed with the channel scan selection option:
    • Scan Automatically: Enter automatic channel search. This is the recommended option.
    • Manually Scan: Enter manual channel search. 
  • Tuner Mode: Antenna
  • Channel Type: Digital & Analog
  • Tuner Mode: Cable
  • Channel Type: Digital & Analog


  • The channel scan should begin. You will see the progress bar displaying the scan completion % and number of channels found.
  • Once it shows 100%, click the Finish button
  • It will open antenna TV and you can start to scroll through and view the available channels.
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