Connect your TCL Google TV to the Internet

Smart devices such as your TCL TV allows you to stream audio and video content from the Internet.  To enjoy this feature, your TCL TV needs to have a good Internet connection through your home network. 

Depending on your TCL Google TV model number, there could be two ways to connect your TCL TV to your home network and the Internet.  Click the corresponding tabs below to view the step-by-step instructions:

Wireless Connection

Panel content


Wired Connection

Follow the steps below if you choose to connect your TCL TV to your network using an ethernet cable.  Note: Check the product specification if your model has an ethernet port.

  1. At the back of your TCL TV, locate the Ethernet port.
  2. Connect an ethernet cable from your router or modem to the Ethernet port of the TV.  
  3. From your TCL Google TV Home screen, press the Settings button on your TCL Google TV remote.  This will display the Settings options on the right side of the screen.
  4. Use the TCL remote's navigational buttons to scroll and select Network & Internet.

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