There is an audio delay when watching on my TV

What is Audio Delay or Lip Sync?  This is a symptom that describes an occurrence when the video of a person speaking on the television do not match the sound of them talking.  It is either the video lags behind the audio or vice versa.   To prevent or correct a lip sync problem, follow one of the steps below.  Play a video or content every after step to verify if the issue has been resolved.

  • Make sure that the “S/PDIF and ARC” is set to PCM-Stereo under TV’s setting -> Audio Setting
  • Try turning off and then turning on the TV and the sound bar.
  • If you are streaming content, try changing to another streaming app/channels to see if audio delay will also occur.  
  • If you are watching through antenna, cable or satellite tv, try switching the channels to see if audio delay occurs on other channels.  
  • Try changing the source on the sound bar.  
  • If you are still experiencing lip-sync issue, we recommend updating the software on your TCL Sound Bar.  Click here to view the step-by-step instructions on how to update your sound bar with the latest firmware/software 

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