Connecting to a New TCL TV using Component/Composite Cables.

Most TV's manufactured these days do not have Composite (Red-White-Yellow) ports, or Component (Red-Green-Blue for video, and Red-White for audio) ports. This doesn't mean that people need to replace their A/V equipment that might only use those connections. A Google or Amazon search will show 100's of options for “converters”, essentially a box that has and HDMI cable (or a HDMI port) and either a Composite or Component cable(s) (or port) on the other end. Please see images bellow:


Note: The images above are just for a visual reference

Note: Please be aware that these converters will not make a movie played from a VCR or DVD player look like it's 4K. In most cases the max resolution for a VCR is 480P, and a DVD player is 720P (these numbers may very slightly).

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