Audio Delay with your TV and Alto 9+ Sound Bar

Audio delay or lip sync errors occur when the sound and video are out of sync.  In most scenarios, the difference is not noticeable, however, it can still be distracting.  To prevent and correct delay or sync problems, follow the instructions below.  When troubleshooting, be sure to play a video after each step to confirm the issue has been resolved.

  • On your TV's audio setting, make sure that the “S/PDIF and ARC” is set to "Auto Passthrough".  Click the corresponding tabs to view instructions for TCL TVs              

TCL Roku TVs

  1. From the Home screen, use your TCL TV remote and navigate to Settings>Audio
  2. Select S/PDIF and ARC/eARC
  3. Make sure there is a check mark on the Auto passthrough option

TCL Android TVs

  1. While on the Home screen, press the Settings button from the TCL Android TV remote. This will open the TV Settings menu options
  2. Select Audio, then Advanced Settings
  3. Select Digital Audio Out, make sure the Pass Through option is selected.
  4. Next, press the Back button on your TCL Android remote.  Note: This will be bring you to the Audio menu
  5. Select Sound Mode, then select either "Live" (best for most content) or "Movie" (Adds more bass to all content).
  6. Press the Home button or wait for the menu to time out to exit the menu and save changes.
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