What Size Window Do I Need?

Window air conditioners are designed to be installed in a standard double-hung window.  The chart below shows the window width and minimum window height required if using the provided installation accessories.   

Window AC BTU
Window Width  Minimum Window Height
5,000 BTU 23" to 36" 14.5"
6,000 BTU 23" to 36" 14.5"
8,000 BTU 23" to 36" 14.5
10,000 BTU 26" to 36" 16"
12,000 BTU 26" to 36" 16"
15,000 BTU 28 to 41" 19"
18,000 BTU 28 to 41" 19"
22,000 BTU 30 to 41" 19.5"
24,000 BTU 30 to 41" 19.5"

Most air conditioners can be installed in narrower windows with out the side panels that come with the air conditioner.   Refer to the model specific Installation & Assembly instructions in the user manual for the minimum window dimensions.   

If installing in a window larger than the included hardware supports consult with an a/c window installer for instructions.  Most hardware stores do carry generic window installation kits for larger size windows.  

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