Getting to Know your TCL Google TV Remote

Get to know the functions of the different buttons on your TCL TV remote control for TCL TVs featuring Google TV. 

A - OPTIONS   Open the Options Menu 

B - POWER   Turn TV on and off

C - WATCHLIST   Opens the watchlist menu

D - SETTINGS   Display the TV Settings Menu 

E - REMOTE MICROPHONE Talk to the remote microphone after pressing the Google Assistant button

F - GOOGLE ASSISTANT   Press to activate the remote’s Google Assistant microphone.  Search content using your voice by holding down the button.

G – VOLUME   Raise or lower volume

H - HOME   Return to Home screen

I - BACK   Return to previous screen 

J – ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE – Display the live antenna TV channels 

K - MUTE  Mute the sound

L - VIRTUAL KEYBOARD   Open the onscreen virtual keyboard 

M – QUICK PANEL  Display the quick panel

N – TCL HOME Open the TCL Home onscreen

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