Can't connect the TCL Alto 9+ to Wi-Fi

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to manually setup WiFi on the TCL Alto 9+ Sound Bar. 

  • Before you begin, disconnect all devices and cables from the sound bar except for the power cord. 
  • Make sure the TCL Alto 9+ is on stand-by mode.  To confirm, you should see a white blinking LED in front of the sound bar as shown below:   

Note:  If the LED is a solid light, powercycle the TCL Alto 9+.  Press the power button on the sound bar remote control to wake-up the unit.  Then press the power button on the   sound bar remote to place the unit to SLEEP/Stand-by mode. 

  • While the TCL Alto 9+ is in stand-by mode, press and hold the Play/Pause/OK button on the sound bar remote for 5 seconds. 

  • The sound bar will restart and the LED display will first show "HELLO" then "WIFI". 
  • From your smartphone, open the WiFi Settings menu, view the list of available wireless networks.  Select and connect to the TCL_RAYDANZ-xxxx or TCL_Alto9+-xxxx network name.  Note: xxxx will be correspond to numbers. 
  • Launch a browser from your smartphone and type
  • You will be redirected to the TCL WiFi Setup screen.  This will display a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select your home Wi-Fi network. When prompted, enter your home network's password. Note: If there is a "space" in your home Wi-Fi network name), it will need to be re-named to remove the "space".  Example: Net Work = will not connect vs. Network or Net_Work = will connect.
  • Once successfully connected, you will see a green LED light on the sound bar. 
    Also, your Wi-Fi network name will be in green and an IP address will be displayed on the TCL Wi-Fi Setup screen. 

There are two more things we need to do to get your sound bar ready for Wi-Fi streaming:

  1. Perform a Software Upgrade:  You will see a notification that a new software is available, the sound bar will display  <NEW S/W OK/NOT> or <UPG> .  Press the Play/Pause/OK button on the sound bar remote control to proceed. This will download and install the latest software to your TCL Alto 9+ sound bar.  During the upgrade process, the sound will display UPG 1 until UPG100.  Once software upgrade is completed, the sound bar will restart.  
  2. Reset the sound bar. While the sound bar is on standby-mode (white LED is blinking), press and hold the  Play/Pause/OK button on the sound bar remote control for 5-seconds.  Wait until you see the the FACTORY RESET option, then press the Play/Pause/OK button to confirm.

    Once reset is complete the sound bar will restart.  From here you can start setting up your sound for Wi-Fi streaming through Chromecast or Airplay.

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