TCL Google TV Built In User Manual

Today's televisions are capable of doing so much. Knowing this, there is a built in User Manual in many of our TCL Google TV's that will help you navigate setting up and trouble shooting. Below you'll find how to navigate to the User Manual APP and what topics are covered.

To access the User Manual from your TCL Google TV: Home screen - Your Apps - User Guide

 Note: The User Manual will vary from model to model. Not all models have this built in.

Here are the topics covered: (Using the TCL 65QM850G as a reference point).


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Network & Internet

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Connecting to Ethernet

More network settings



Display & Sound

Intelligent Settings

Basic display settings

Advanced display settings

Advanced sound settings



Remotes & Accessories

Remote guide

Pairing the remote with the TV

Connecting Bluetooth accessories



Channels & Inputs

Connecting signal input devices

External devices control (CEC)



Screen Casting

Using screen casting


Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant

Hands free mic with “Hey Google”


TCL Home

Downloading Home Mobile APP

Connecting to TV

Using your phone as a TV remote

Casting content in TCL Home

Casting music on your phone

Casting pictures on your phone

Casting videos on your phone

Checking your TCL coins (Not applicable in North America)




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