Get to Know the TCL W321S Single Zone 31 Bottle Wine Chiller.

This TCL Wine Cooler delivers even cooling at just the right temperature, with a dual zone compressor that cools each area to the perfect chilling temperature. The compressor is silent, so it won’t disturb your family or guests, and it has no vibration, so it won’t disturb the wine either! It has a 46-bottle capacity, with each bottle cradled in its own space, made of natural beech wood shelving. The entire unit is beautifully crafted in elegant black, with gray glass that filters UV Rays, all set in a seamless stainless-steel door and stainless-steel handle.

The cooler is lit with soft blue LED lighting, so it displays beautifully wherever you decide to store your wine-in a home bar, entertainment area, or in the kitchen. The unit is only 24” wide, so it fits easily in most areas. The most important thing is that wherever you display it, it will give you perfectly chilled, flavorful wine whenever you want it!


  • Built-In or Freestanding: Front ventilation allows undercounter installation while the fully finished black cabinet allows for freestanding. 
  • Digital Controls: Touch control allow easy temperature adjustment, between 40 and 66°F.
  • Reversible Door: You can decide whether to have it open from the right or left. 
  • Circulating Cooling: No worry hot spots or uneven cooling for this unit since its dual powerful circulation fans work with the compressor to evenly distribute cool air throughout.
  • Display Features: The stainless-steel trimmed glass door, slide-out beech wood racks, and soft LED lighting make it looks nice.Jewelry Showcase



Q & A

Is this model available with a Left door swing?

                This model comes with reversible door, and you can choose the door open direction.

Are the shelves removable?

                Yes, the shelves are removable.

Do the shelves slide out?

                The shelves can be pulled out.

For the built-in / under counter models, do I need to leave any space on top - between the top of the fridge and the counter on top - for ventilation?

This model is ventilated from the front bottom, suggest cabinet dimension: W >23.8"  D >22.4“ H >33.2"

What causes Ice buildup?

In general, cooler icing occurs for several reasons. One is that the door is not closed tightly, causing leakage of cold, causing the cooler to keep working all the time. Second, the fan doesn't work.

Three, NTC is broken. We would like to suggest you turn off the machine and let the ice melt. Please put something under the unit to soak up the water.



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